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This was the final event of the PERFECT LIFE project (LIFE17 ENV/ES/000205), entitled "Reducing the Use and Release of Pesticides into the Environment through User-friendly Tools and Technologies" was held at the FISABIO facilities in Valencia on11 and 12 of July, 2023 and organised by the project coordinator, the CEAM centre, 

General objective of this project is to demonstrate the reduction of the environmental contamination of pesticides and their metabolites in the air using Optimal Volume Rate Adjustment tools (OVRA) and drift reducing tools (SDRT) which will lead to a decrease of the pesticide risk for fauna, flora and humans. Besides a new ultra-fast, sensitive and time resolved technology for the analysis of pesticides will be developed to assess the application of pesticides from a health standpoint, in real agricultural conditions.

In this event the consortium partners presented the main results of the project Perfect LIFE and organized a nwtworking table where LIFE byProtVal project develop a presentation within 4 LIFE projects: Waste4Green, Microfighter, Vida for Citrus and Superbiodiesel.

The agenda of the event can be seen here


The main objective of the LIFE+VALPORC project has been to demonstrate a sustainable alternative to the management of pig carcasses and manure, addressing the environmental problems of their current management and valorizing these wastes through their transformation into biofuels (biogas and biodiesel) and organic fertilizers. During the event developed at 25 March, 2021, EGA presented the LIFE-BYPROTVAL project as a continuation of the finished project as its objective is to give an additional value to the meals obtained in the LIFE VALPORC by means of their enzymatic hydrolysis to obtain a protein concentrate rich in amino acids.

Re-Live Waste final online conference

During project’s Final Conference of the RE-LIVE WASTE "Circular economy and sustainability in livestock farming" Francisca Arán from INESCOP participate in the Panel discussion "Beyond struvite: synergies with other solutions for waste management" 

Francisca Arán has exposed the advances in the proyect BYPROTVAL and how protein recovery and recycling from animal by- products processes is possible valorising an animal by-product to other uses with higher added value in the chemical and biofertiliser industry and thus promoting the circular bioeconomy.

The conference was part of the project RE LIVE WASTE "Improving innovation capacities of private and public actors for sustainable and profitable REcycling of LIVEstock WASTE" which main objetctive is to stimulate innovation among public institutions and private companies for a more effective management of waste from intensive livestock farming, by facilitating cooperation between researchers, businesses, public authorities and the civil society.

In the panel session have also participated: 

Antonia Cobacho - Department of International Relations at the Andalusian Agricultural and Fisheries Management Agency - Project REINWASTE - Spain

Said Karić – Treatment of manure on Spreča Farm - Bosnia-Herzegovnia

Maria Antonietta Dessena - Ente Acque della Sardegna – Project ENI CBC MED - MEDISS Mediterranean Integrated System for Water Supply – Italy

Circular Economy, Animal by-products, Conference

Third monitoring meeting

On 29 September 2020, LIFE byProtVal beneficiaries received the third monitoing visit by the external monitoring team. During the meeting, that was held at EGA premises in Almazán (Soria), the project beneficiaries presented the work they had carried out during the last twelve months of project development. Finally the plant was visited.

Second monitoring meeting

On 05 June 2019, LIFE byProtVal beneficiaries received the second monitoing visit by the external monitoring team. During the meeting, that was held at INESCOP premises, the project beneficiaries presented the work they had carried out during the last twelve months of project development.



This project has received funding from the LIFE Programme of the European Union under Grant Agreement LIFE16 ENV/ES/000467.

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