Sustainable Solutions: Exploring Protein Recovery in the Bioeconomy

The LIFE byProtVal project organising an international event, "Sustainable Solutions: Exploring Protein Recovery in the Bioeconomy", as part of the European project closure which would be held on February 15, 2024, in Almazán, Soria, Spain.

This event will be an opportunity to interact with main authorities, professionals in bioeconomy and circular economy strategies gathering industrial experiences in rendering plants, bioprocesses technologies, impact perception, policies perspectives and exchange of good practices from other European projects related with protein valorisation.

 The event is mainly aimed at companies, research centres and government agencies and will be attended by representatives of the European Commission and partners of the several projects presented at the event.

The session will also include a networking space and a visit to the plant developed in the project, with the aim of promoting possible collaborations between participants and exchanging industrial experiences and transferring project results.


Event Details:

  • Date: February 15, 2024
  • Location: Tirso Molina Cultural Centre, Almazán, Soria, Spain.
  • Time: 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM



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LIFE byProtVal participated in 4th edition of the European Sustainable Nutrient Initiative

The 4th edition of the European Sustainable Nutrient Initiative took place on 20th September, 2023


The conference offered a platform for fruitful discussion and exchange of knowledge where policy-makers, researchers, industry representatives and many other stakeholders to discuss how to improve nutrient recycling.

This year, 12 European-funded projects joined their forces with the Biorefine Cluster Europe to gave an insight on the most innovative solutions developed to create value-added products from nutrient recycling as well as their major outcomes both from a policy and stakeholder perspective.

Paralell workshops attender by our project were:

• Stakeholder perspective - Profitability and market acceptance of bio-based fertilizers
• Policy: New bio-based fertilisers from secondary raw material upcycling – technical, commercial and regulatory implications
• Technology: Bio-based fertilisers recovery from manure and fishery wastes: lessons learnt and future perspectives

The European Sustainable Nutrient Initiative (ESNI) Conference provided a framework for policies promoting Nutrient Recycling and Recovery (NRR) at European level. It was focus on the role of EU-funded Research & Innovation projects in contributing to raising awareness on the benefits of nutrient recycling and recovery.

More information about the event and the programme can be viewed at the following link

LIFE byProtVal publishes in two renowned scientific journals

We are thrilled to share the recent achievements of LIFE byProtVal project, which has reached a significant milestone by publishing scientific papers in two leading journals in their respective fields. These accomplishments underscore the quality and impact of the research conducted within the framework of our project.

Go to journal home page - Sustainable Chemistry and Pharmacy

Scientific Journal 1: "Sustainable Chemistry and Pharmacy"

The publications in this journal focused on advances made in the recovery and recycling of high-value proteins from animal processing by-products. One publication was centered on the recovery of proteins from wastewater, SANDACH category 3, while the second publicaction focused on recovering proteins from SANDACH category 2 by-products with feasible results for obtaining hydrolyzed collagen with good yields and promising outcomes in applications such as bio-stimulants and biochemical agents

Scientific Journal 2: "Journal of Plant Science and Phytopathology"

The third publication focuses on the assessment of bio-stimulants based on hydrolyzed proteins recovered from animal by-products as growth enhancers for plants. The results highlight the potential of these bio-stimulants to improve plant growth and productivity while reducing environmental impact by substituting chemical fertilizers, offering sustainable alternatives to promote environmentally friendly practices in agriculture.

These achievements are a testament to the hard work and dedication of the project partners, as well as the importance of European collaboration in advancing science and technology. We hope that these breakthroughs will further drive research in their respective fields and benefit society as a whole

The publications can be viewed at the following link.

EuropaBio's European Forum on Industrial Biotechnology and Bioeconomy

INESCOP participated in the 14th edition of EuropaBio's European Forum on Industrial Biotechnology and Bioeconomy #EFIB 2021 which took place on 5, 6 and 7 October 2021 in Vienna, Austria.

The main theme of EFIB 2021 is "The European Green Pact in action: Integrating industrial biotechnology in business". In this context, around 300 experts, both public officials and private sector professionals will participate and discuss the latest opportunities and up-to-date information on the situation and perspectives of bio-industries.

In this event of international relevance in the field of circular bioeconomy, INESCOP, through its R&D&I technician, Mayra Lacruz, presented as a panellist the LIFE BYPROTVAL project related to the revalorisation of bio-waste, specifically animal by-products, by obtaining products of a protein nature with high added value, for application as a bio-based product in the tanning industry and, highlighting its use as a biofertiliser/bio-stimulant.

The session entitled "Sharing best practices in the circular bioeconomy" was held on 07 September, sharing with other leading projects such as SUSFERT and INGREEN.

This event is of great global importance to learn about the value chain of bio-based products, bioprocesses and the role that bio-based innovation can play in relation to the implementation of the European Green Pact and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as part of a green recovery.

LIFE BYPROTVAL at Bioket 2022

LIFE Byprotval participated with a presentation in BIOKET 2022 – a key sectorial fair edicated to bio-based solutions and processes, tackling technological, economic and environmental challenges of the bioeconomy. The fair focuses on innovation in processes for biomass conversion using emerging technologies, minimizing waste production and optimizing economics.

During the event, LIFE Byprotval interacted with differents stakeholders that despite the COVID situation was a succeed in delivering a record edition: 384 participants from 23 different countries, 64 exhibitors and 16 Start-ups on our village (80 exhibitors in total), plus our workshops, the innovation tours and all the networking activities (700 prescheduled B2B meetings).

On March 16th, 2022 our colleague Mayra Lacruz - Circular Economy have participated as a speaker at the expert panel 'KETs for a Circular Bioeconomy' with the BYPROTVAL project.

The conference program organized by BIOKET Bioeconomy Key Enabling Technologies platform in #Lille analyzes the future possibilities for #biomass as a source of resources for the promotion of circular economy and #sustainability in production processes.


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