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Purines Almazán, S.L.

Almazán (Soria) – Spain

PURAL is a leading Spanish company in valorisation of organic waste from the farming and agro-food industry. For doing so, it integrates the most innovative and sustainable technologies, taking advantage of its wide experience in the industrial sector and in R&D area and boosting the synergies between processes and organic waste for a complete valorisation. Both, the experience acquired by PURAL in the last years on waste valorisation and its efforts in R&D, have allowed to PURAL to grow in this sector by developing new products and process with the aim to convert wastes in resources.

PURAL is strongly committed with environment. Our business activity is focused on minimizing the environmental impact of waste from farming and agro-food industries and to strengthen an energy self-sufficient integral process. Besides, PURAL has developed an innovative concept, unique in Europe, integrating anaerobic digestion and rendering processes in one industrial facility. In the first process, wastes are valorised to obtain biogas, used to produce electricity, and a digestate which is used as fertilizers. A part of the biogas is used in heating the adjacent rendering process for treating pig carcasses under EU and Spanish regulations. In this rendering process, Category 2 ABPs are treated, sterilized and recycled, producing a biomass which is currently used to obtain meal (proteins) and fats as end products. Fats are focused to biofuel markets and the meal is used in the anaerobic digestion plants to increase the biogas production.

LIFE byProtVal project is of PURAL great interest. It will allow us to find new markets for the rich protein waste (meal), such as the manufacture of chemicals such as bio-adhesives for wood industries, footwear products or bio-flocculants, emulsifiers or foaming agents.

El Hórreo Healthy Food, S.L.

Meres-Siero (Asturias) – Spain

El Horreo is a family-owned SME with more than 100 years experience in the preparation of traditional meat products adapted to new consumption trends.

It has being immersed in the development of R&D&I projects for long. The company has its own R&D department, which has developed projects in the fields of food & health, improvement of internal processes and environmental sustainability. Through its linked companies it also researches into high-added value products obtained from animal by-products, being circular economy one of its main strategic research lines.

Within LIFE byProtVal project, El Horreo is interested in the recovery of proteins from the wastewater strains generated in its different production lines.

Tumpler Española, S.A.

Barberà del Vallès (Barcelona) – Spain

TRUMPLER is a multinational Company dedicated to the design, synthesis, production and commercialization of leather chemicals and fertilisers.
Trumpler is producing and selling chemicals that support leather processing from earlier stages after animal slaughtering to the final coatings in order to fit leather goods with latest trends in fashion and quality demands.

Trumpler places great value not only the quality of our products but also on the environment. More than over 40 % of the raw materials used in the manufacture of our products come from readily renewable resources such as vegetable oils. Thus lending our support to the efforts made in the protection of our climate by reducing CO2 and greenhouse gas emissions. In addition we constantly strive to develop environmentally friendly non-polluting products and process.

Leather goods produced with TRUMPLER chemicals are present in many markets as shoes, bags, auto, garment and many other applications.
TRUMPLER is present all around the world and is having own production facilities in many countries (Germany, Italy, Spain, Mexico, Brazil and China).


Elda (Alicante) – Spain

INESCOP is a centre for technology and innovation. Established in 1971, it currently has the legal status of a non-profit, private association of companies. It has broad experience in providing technology services, transferring knowledge and carrying out research on technical topics that are of interest to the industry.

INESCOP has cross-cutting technological capabilities that can be applied to numerous sectors, although it was originally set up and specialised for the footwear sector. To this end, it has the required means to meet scientific and technical needs of companies in the following fields: quality & comfort, healthcare technologies, Industry 4.0, advanced manufacturing, collaborative robotics, 3D design and printing, circular economy, sustainable materials, adhesives, biotechnology, nanotechnology, microencapsulation and competitive intelligence.

INESCOP renders its services to over 1,000 companies every year. It also coordinates and participates in multiple regional, national and European R&D projects awarded in competitive calls.

More precisely, the Environmental Department at INESCOP develops different activities within the environmental field with the aim to provide a comprehensive solution to companies in the footwear and related industries: Environmental Management Systems, Clean Tanning Technologies, atmospheric and noise emissions, Ecological Labelling, sewage, industrial waste, etc. As a way of example, through the LIFE08 ENV/E/000147 SHOELAW Project, INESCOP has developed an electronic tool to promote the compliance with European Environmental regulations within the footwear sector.

In the field of the proposal, the Technology Department of INESCOP has been deeply involved in the participation and coordination of European research projects related to the recovery of proteins from industrial wastes, such as LIFE12 ENV/ES/000568 microTAN and FP7-ENV.2013.6.3-2-6.39 PILOT-ABP projects.